Get out your calendars—time to plan for camp! 


2016 Running Camp with:

                              LISA SMITH-BATCHEN

Whether you’re just starting to run or are an experienced ultrarunner, you’ll get the guidance and advice to help you achieve your goals.  Learn from the experience of four of the most accomplished ultrarunners in the world in the majestic setting of the Teton Mountains!



Lisa Smith-Batchen

Lisa utilizes her numerous athletic achievements and 20+ years of coaching experience to train athletes of all levels and abilities. Lisa is the first and only person who has ever run 50 miles in all 50 states in the USA in 62 days.  Lisa is still the ONLY America to win the Marathon des Sables through the Sahara desert and she has won the Badwater Ultramarathon 135 miles through Death Valley 2 times.  Lisa is the only person to ever run the 306 miles from Las Vegas to the summit of Mt. Whitney. 

  • Competed in 10 Badwater Ultramarathons (Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA): 
    Two 1st Place Finishes - 1997 & 1998.
  • 2 Marathon des Sables Ultramarathons (Moroccan Sahara): 
    1999 First American female to win the event
  • 2008: 1st person to ever run 306 miles from Las Vegas to Mt. Whitney. Raised $590,000 for AIDS Orphans Rising.
  • 2006 Completing the Badwater double has been one of the greatest highlights of my athletic carrier but also as wife, mother, coach and mentor. The gifts that God shared and showed me along the way are the greatest for me to this day!
  • 2003 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning Finisher: 1st Female; 7th Overall.
  • 5 Hawaiian Ironman Championships: PR: 10:33:27
  • World Duathlon Championship
  • 3 Eco-Challenge Multi-Sport Adventure Races
  • 2 Raid Galoises Multi-Sport Adventure Races
  • 2 ESPN X-Games Multi-Sport Adventure Races
  • 1 Four Winds Multi-Sport Adventure Race
  • 35+ Ultramarathons (50 miles or more): Including: Western States 100, Leadville Trail 100, Wasatch 100, Vermont 100, HURT 100K, Rocky Raccoon 100, Squaw Peak 50.
  • 100 Mile PR: 18:26 / 50 Mile PR: 6:42
  • Over 90 Marathons PR: 2:48:52. Half marathon PR: 1:23. 10k PR: 36:01.

Watch out for Lisa’s upcoming adventures. Lisa is writing a book and hopes to have this completed by late 2016.




What You Will Do, Experience, and Learn

  • 2 Daily Training runs
  • Videotaping for gait analysis
  • Cross-training sessions
  • Classroom sessions
  • Formal Q & A
  • Informal discussions
  • Other camp participants (everyone has knowledge to share!)



You will learn how to:

  • Improve your running style through video taping and gait analysis.
  • Hydrate and fuel yourself for training, racing, and recovery.
  • Train for the heat of desert racing.
  • Prepare for road, mountain, trail, or stage races.
  • Train and run on trails.
  • Train for mountain running, including handling 
    altitude and cold.
  • Power walk effectively to improve your race results.
  • Use cross training techniques such as core strengthening .
  • Overcome obstacles through troubleshooting.
  • Take care of your body and feet, including clothing and equipment selection.
  • Prepare and work with pacers and crew.
  • Maintain a balance a in your life. (No…it’s not all about the running.)



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REGISTRATION:  TBA, but space is always limited to the first 15 registrants!  This will be an intimate setting with 4 amazing athletes/coaches!  Please scroll to the bottom of the page to register via PayPal.