Camp Schedule

Saturday Sept. 28th: Check in for campers at Teton Springs Resort

Sunday Sept. 29th:
7:30-9 am:    Breakfast in the Headwaters Grille at your leisure.
9:00-11:00:   Improve your running style through video taping and gait
                      analysis. Each camper will be filmed and then we will head back to the
                      classroom to view.
11:00-12:30:  Trail run at Pole Canyon to work on form and technique
12:30-1:30:    Lunch
1:30-2:15:      Cross training Techniques with Ray in the Fitness Center
2:30-3:30:      Overcome obstacles through troubleshooting with Marshall. In
                       the classroom
3:30-4:00:      Break or ask the coaches questions.
4:00-5:00:      1 hour run with short intervals to work on form, turnover and
5:00-5:45       Yoga/stretch with Damian Stoy
7:00 pm:         Meet at the front Lobby to have dinner at Wildlife in Victor

Monday Sept 30th:
7:30-8:30am:   Breakfast in the Headwaters Grille at your leisure
8:30-9:00:        Power walk effectively to improve your race results with Lisa
                        and Marshall
9:00-11:00:      PW/ easy run hill session
11:00-11:45:    Recovery exercises with Ray in the Fitness Center
12:00-1:00       Lunch
1:00-2:00:        Train for the heat of desert racing and equipment selection: Ray
2:00-3:00:        Question and answer time with Ray about his Foundation, whats next:
                        Ray show photos.
3:00-3:30         Break
3:30-4:30:        1 hour easy run with form work and coaching
4:30-5:30:        Cross training with Lisa in the Fitness Center
7:00 pm:           Dinner at Forage in Driggs

Tuesday Oct. 1st:
7:30-8:30am:     Breakfast at Headwaters Grille
8:30-12:00:        Meet in front of the Lodge to depart to the Sand Dunes.
                          This is a 45-50 min. drive.
                           Learn how to run and walk up and down the sand dunes.
12:30-1:30:         Lunch at the Sun Dog Cafe in Victor
1:30-2:30:           Hydrate and fuel yourself for training, racing and recovery.
                           Lisa and Marshall
2:30-3:30:          Train for mountain running, including handling altitude and
                           cold. Marshall
3:30-4:00:           Break
4:00-4:45:           Yoga/Stretch (Hot) with Damian Stoy
5:00-6:00:           Q and A with your stuff:) What's next?
7:00pm:               Depart to Teton Thia in Driggs for Dinner

Wednesday Oct. 2nd:
7:30-8:30am:      Breakfast at Headwaters Grille
8:30-11:30:         Meet in front of the Lodge to depart to Grand Targhee Resort
                           for gentle trail run, walk or hike. Work on technique
12:00-1:00:         Lunch at Tonys in Driggs
1:30-2:30:           Taking care of your feet and clothing. Lisa and Marshall.
2:30-3:00:           Prepare to work with pacers and crew. Lisa and Marshall
3:00-3:30:           Break
3:30-4:30:           Q and A with Lisa...what is next?
4:30-5:00:           Maintain a balance in your life. It's not all about running!
6:00 pm:             Dinner at Headwaters Grille

Thursday, October 3rd:

Check out of Resort and please come back very soon. If you are
staying for the long camp, details to follow about getting to Yellowstone:)