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Lisa Smith-Batchen ~ world-renowned coach, athlete, motivator, and Elite Ultra Runner 


Grant Maughan ~ world class Elite Runner, trainer and coach

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Reach your highest potential with our comprehensive approach!  Learn to live a healthier life while building happiness and joy. We offer on-line training to keep you motivated, fit, healthy, inspired and injury free!

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World renowned coaches with proven results and over 50 years of experience.  We focus on your goals and help you accomplish them with our diverse experience in the running world. We emphasize injury prevention, strength, flexibility, endurance, joy and overall happiness and health.


To be an ultra runner requires plenty of training, however running for training all the time is detrimental to your body & your mind. You need a certain amount of conditioning for the pounding of running & the time on your feet to participate in a long distance event but running day in & day out during training cycles can put a lot of excess stress on your body as well as not giving it time to properly recover & heal itself after a race. There is also the mental boredom of doing the same thing every day which can take some of the joy out of running. You also need to make the rest of your body strong & resilient, not just your legs. To run long distance or compete in endurance type events like an Ironman you need to be strong all over otherwise half of your body will be compensating for the weaker half. Imagine the muscles it takes to run a 100 mile race when you may be out there for +24 hours? Not just your running muscles but the muscles required to hold your upper body erect & stay balanced for al those hours.

There are plenty of ways to fill your training schedule with beneficial activities that will help to strengthen your entire body & keep training interesting & fun. Biking & swimming are two of the most beneficial activities to incorporate into your schedule. They are both good cardio builders with zero pounding as well as teaching you good breathing techniques. If biking on the road sounds to dangerous then I totally recommend doing a Spin class. Don't worry about the "scene" or all the hooting going on, treat it like you are doing a road race with hill climbs, stand up peddling in a hard gear & downhill spinning. In the pool you can do anything from a long distance swim to kick boarding & deep-water running for your legs.

Doing a "boot camp" type of class 2-3 times a week is a great way to build full body strength & endurance. It's better for ultra running to do lighter weights with multiple reps or reps until failure than it is to lift heavy iron.You want to build lean muscle mass not bulk up & have to carry all that extra weight around, you may as well carry extra weight in your pack on race day to make sure you stay up on hydration & calorie intake.

If you live in a snowy winter climate then cross-country skiing or hiking on snowshoes with a pack is an awesome way to keep your fitness levels up & build strength & mobility until the summer racing season.

If none of the above turn you on then try other types of strength exercises like pulling a car tire or power walking with a weighted pack on. You can even add hand weights to help build some super body strength at the same time.

It's all about quality, not quantity, when you train. Forget about useless junk miles just to make a number on your training sheet. 

Make training a lifestyle not a chore.