Motivational and Inspirational Speaking

"Find a Dream and Chase It Down"       
   -- Lisa Smith-Batchen





As a successful ultra runner, endurance athlete, triathlete and adventurer, Lisa Smith-Batchen has overcome adversity and triumphed in what are considered to be some of the most grueling sporting events in the world.  Stories about Lisa's athletic achievements have appeared on the covers of The NY Times, the LA Times, The Washington Post and Winning Magazine.  Additionally she has appeared in Runner's World, Sports Illustrated for Women, ESPN Magazine, Outside Magazine, Ultrarunning and numerous other national and international publications, as well as featured television segments on ESPN, Discovery Channel, NBC's Nightly News, Good Morning America and a several documentary films.

Utilizing her athletic experiences and Master's Degree in Health Education and Fitness, Lisa Smith-Batchen has been a speaker, personal trainer and coach for over 20 years; she is a proven motivator and expert in achieving consistent, positive results.

Lisa's stories are inspiring and her presence is astonishing.   Whether she is speaking to athletes, business professionals, religious groups, non-profit groups, families, college universities, etc., Lisa's knowledge, personal experiences and dedication to helping others will captivate your audience and offer the motivational encouragement needed for success. 

- Testimonials -                         

As an educator, psychotherapist, and professional speaker myself, I am a critical analyzer of those who are on the public speaking circuit.  As a wise colleuge once told me regarding delivering a message to the public in any form of media, the message has a life of it's own, and if the speaker or writer gets out of the way of the message they carry it will form it's own journey and life. Lisa has the ability to deliver the message she carries, so that the audience can glen what they need to from the message, and take it to carry on positive change in the world. Lisa is motivating, inspirational, and delivers positive and enlivening words so that the listener can develop tools that are life changing, and progressive.

-- Tara Tulley LDEM, LCSW, Co-Founder The Community School of Midwifery and The Community Health Clinic, LLC


Lisa is the girl next door who grew up and over time earned an impressive list of athletic and life attributes and accomplishments with grace. She is a champion, as well as a confident woman, mother, wife, small business owner.  REALLY!   Lisa's kind of human rarity is worth the time to find.

-- Joe Simon, Great2Greatest Life Coaching


 Few are more inspirational and motivating than Lisa Smith Batchen. Lisa's personal experiences and incredible achievements as an endurance athlete, combined with her unique ability to coach others to reach their goals and dreams, contribute to her expertise in speaking to any size group to convey a motivational message. Lisa will inspire people in any field to to recognize their potential and perform at a level they never thought possible

-- Daniel Kortick, NYC


After delivering a kyenote address to a meeting of CEOs I had the distinct pleasure of then hearing Lisa Smith Batchen give a wonderful presentation.  Full of human warmth and inspiration, she moved the audience.  A woman whose telling of her incredible achievements that was truly uplifting and motivational.

-- Fururist David Houle


Hands down Lisa is the most inspirational, intelligent, athletically inclined person you will ever get to cross paths with in this lifetime.

-- Karee Miller Jaeger, Client


Lisa Smith-Batchen chases her dreams, and actually catches them!  Then, some of us are lucky enough to actually hear her tell her stories, share some advice and be motivated by her amazing strength, endurance and courage.  I am the Race Director of the KEYS100 ultramarathon.  Lisa has been the keynote speaker at our pre-race meeting and I’d be grateful to have her return anytime.  If Lisa’s schedule permits, book her fast for your next athletic event—or any event where motivation is a goal.  Your audience will surely thank you for it.

-- Bob Becker, Keys 100 Race Director


The amazing thing about Lisa is that even though she has accomplished so much, she is able to share her experiences with an audience in a very personal way. You never feel like she's speaking AT you, but rather WITH you. A sign of a captivating and engaging speaker!!!

 -- Ray Zahab,  Adventurer / Founder impossible2Possible 


Lisa's incredible athletic pursuits and adventures are the foundation of her extensive knowledge and experience in facing life's challenges. More than that, her passion for life, dedication to family, and genuine desire and commitment to help others are what make her an uplifting speaker that I highly recommend to any group looking for positive inspiration.

-- Marshall Ulrich, extreme endurance athlete, speaker, and author of "Running on Empty, An Ultramarathoner's Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America"


 - Pricing - 

Pricing options are offered on a case-by-case basis and are determined by event location, speaking duration and scheduling. Email "lisa [at]" to receive a price quote.  Please include a brief description of your event and desired speaking date(s).