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Lisa Smith-Batchen and Darren Worts
Lisa and Darren Worts who has placed
2nd at Badwater and 3rd at GTR 100

Lisa is now accepting new coaching clients. Please read all the information below on how Lisa works with her coaching students before you contact her. If you are interested in Lisa's coaching services please email Lisa directly. Lisa is offering phone consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday between 10am - 4pm MST.





 "Excellence can be attained if you:
Care more than others think is wise,
Risk more than others think is safe,
Dream more than others think is practical and
Expect more than others think is possible."

--Author Unknown



I utilize my numerous athletic achievements and 19+ years of coaching experience to train athletes of all levels and abilities. Whether you're training to walk your first 10k, run your first marathon or triathlon... or you're an elite athlete attempting to win a 100 mile trail race, my on-line coaching programs are customized to help you achieve your individual goals.


My bi-weekly workout schedules provide incredible variety and are designed around goals, personal life and work commitments. I listen to your desires and provide a plan that will help you reach your objective because my ultimate goal is to see you live your dream.


If you are considering an on-line coach, please read some of my client testimonials. Additionally, you may contact these individuals if you have questions about my expectations, coaching philosophy and/or dedication to my clients.


Before signing on with Lisa, please schedule (by email) a 30 minute phone consultation to review your coaching information, talk about goal's and establish a great working relationship. The first phone consult of 30 min is free. Potential student will call Lisa. Please have a list of questions ready for the call.


Every 2 weeks, I prepare a new training schedule for you based on your previous two weeks of training. At the end of your 2 week schedule, I ask you to copy the schedule and in CAPS tell me all you were able to accomplish, how you felt, HR information and anything else that will help me coach you to your potential. (Again, your schedule is based upon your ability, goals and dreams, as well as your family and work commitments.)
You are responsible for returning a complete update/recap of the previous two weeks to me, even if you were not able to complete all of the assigned workouts all other information you feel is pertinent to your training (ie: soreness, injuries, illness, etc.) This update/recap must be returned to me in order for you to receive your schedule for the following two weeks. If you need to send your update later than the date it is due, PLEASE inform me so I will know that it is going to be late. I will not send you an email requesting your update. This part is up to you.
Louise Cooper with Lisa and Jay Batchen
In each of your update/recap please at this time inform me of any travel or days off that your new schedule will need to accommodate.
You can email me with questions any day except Sunday and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. I am there for you every step of the way. (Occasionally, my travel schedule might delay my response time, but I will always provide ample opportunity for you to ask questions before I leave.)
I can also assist with nutritional needs during your training, as well as before, during and after your events. I will help you find the products that work for you and offer discounts on products I sell.
Phone consultations need to be scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance.
I charge $275 per month for running or $325 per month for triathlon coaching.
(All returning coaching clients must submit a new coaching form and talk to Lisa about your return coaching fee.)
The fees are payable on the 1st of each month or the date you start your first program.
I ask for a 3-month commitment, with your first and last month coaching fees paid in advance. A contract will be available soon for you to sign.
I must receive this first payment before sending your first schedule.
Checks or money orders sent to:
You must schedule a phone consultation with Lisa before you begin your coaching and training program. This will help both you and Lisa determine if you agree with Lisa's coaching philosophy. This phone call will last 30 min. and is free of charge, all other phone consults for monthly coaching students will be $30 for 30 min. calls, $60 for 1 hour calls. All calls between coach Lisa and student to discuss a race plan are free of charge.
30 minutes - $40
60 minutes - $70

1 week private training and coaching with Lisa and Jay Batchen in the Heart of the Tetons. To arrange this please contact us.

We also have 1-4 day training available. Price TBD
For information about my background, please click here
If you'd like additional information or would like to ask a specific question, please contact me at or, if you're ready to sign up, click here
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