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Comments From Lisa's Coaching Clients


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Juan AndradeJuan Andrade

"I recently ran a marathon and I was able to take 30 minutes off my prior PR. Lisa made this possible."

Sandy McCallumSandy McCallum

“I set a world record. It shows what you can accomplish when you have a great coach.”

Laurie AndrewsLaurie Andrews

"Lisa is a life coach and strives to achieve overall fitness for her clients. She has perspective and insight that are invaluable when it comes to having a very full life in which training has to fit. "

Jim McCordJim McCord

“With her training I ran at least 26.2 miles/day 3 of every 4 days, completed my cross country run from San Diego to Washington DC in 2002 without any injuries!”

Andy BoydAndy Boyd

"It amazed me that my times decreased as I got older."

Frank McKinneyFrank McKinney

"It took Lisa only a few weeks to understand who I was and to prepare me, a novice who had never ran longer than 13 miles, to finish 100 miles in under 24 hours with only 6 weeks of training ... "

Marie BoydMarie Boyd

"I have been amazed at my continued improvement in endurance, strength and speed when I follow her program."

Randy MillerRandy Miller

"Does Lisa Smith-Batchen own a Crystal Ball?"

Katy CottonKaty Cotton

"You don't keep working with a coach for 3 1/2 years because the coach is a lousy one!"

Meredith MurphyMeredith Murphy

"Lisa helped me with everything from race strategy to nutrition to clothing choices and more!"

Donna DausDonna Daus

"Lisa knows how to build a person’s unknown athletic/fitness capabilities into their clear abilities."

Alex NemtAlex Nemt

"Lisa is an awesome coach and a great friend."

John EisingerJohn Eisinger

"Lisa will make you better prepared than you ever thought you could be."

Steve OliveiraSteve Oliveira

"In less than two months she has taken me from a runner who'd never run longer than 20 miles to an ultrarunner that completed his first marathon and his first ultra (the JFK 50 miler) in a span of 27 days."

Michael EvansMichael Evans

"Lisa is the most inspiring person I have ever met."


Sandy PowellSandy Powell - 2008

"I just want to say that Lisa's guidance helped me perform and do the best that I could do given the situation we faced during the training season."

Keith Fleischman

Keith Fleischman

"In 30 years of climbing mountains all over the world, I had never attained the level of total fitness that Coach Smith-Batchen had brought me to."

Sandy PowellSandy Powell - 2006

"Lisa’s constant support and positive responses helped me reach my goal!"

Frank Fumich

Frank Fumich

"Lisa knows how to train me, and sometimes even seems to sense when I need to take it easy."

Cynthia RaeCynthia Rae

"This joyful, committed and strong woman pushed me to run faster on the track, believe in my untapped ability and helped me find peace and control in my running."

Aran GordonAran Gordon

"Set the goal, plan the goal, execute the goal.  Let’s get this done! "

Fraser RobertsonFraser Robertson

"If you want to get serious, not just about your running, but about your human potential, train with Lisa. You will excel."

Bill GraneyBill Graney

"I always had the feeling that the achievement of my goals was of monumental importance to her ... "

Rich RyznarRich Ryznar

"Lisa's training was very personalized to match my strengths and weaknesses, and also my work and personal schedules. "

Cole HanleyCole Hanley

"The most effective component of the Lisa’s coaching for me is the variety of workouts and the way they are tailored to the goal races while maintaining a balance with the rest of my life."


James J. Sexton Jr.James J. Sexton, Jr.

"Lisa has adapted my program to meet the day-to-day changes in my life. As a result, I can stay with the program, because for once, I found a program that is staying with me."

Jim HildrethJim Hildreth

"What attracted me to Lisa was her positive attitude, her ability to train winners, her willingness to train back-of-the-packers, her knowledge of heat training, and ..."

Stu ShermanStu Sherman

"I achieved the calm and confidence to maintain a rigorous training schedule for eight months (while working a stressful and demanding job) in order to achieve my 100 mile race goal."

Michele JensenMichele Jensen

"Lisa took a real interest in me and has been there every step of the way."

James SimoneJames Simone

"Lisa sets a schedule that keeps me at the edge of my own personal limits."

Beth KatzmanBeth Katzman

"I went from a Sprint Distance triathlete to a Half Iron Person - now add marathoner. What's next???"

Nancy WarrenNancy Warren

"Lisa has this power to make you believe in yourself and therefore, do anything you desire"

Ed KellyEd Kelly

"Lisa has put me in the best shape of my life as I remain injury free
and cherish my daily training."

Mark WeinekeMark Weineke

"I have never felt more motivated about my running. Lisa has truly made me feel a part of her running family."

Larry KingLarry King

"I have knocked 2 hours 32 minutes off a 50-mile race that I completed,
for the first time, a year earlier."

Ron WillRon Will

"I have been injury-free and excited about training since starting with Lisa."

Terry Madl

Terry Madl

"Not only did I cross the finish line with a personal best of 3:50, I also did so completely pain-free."

Finlay WoodruffFinlay Woodruff

"I do have a 'mind and body by Lisa!' "

Albert Martens

Albert Martens

"Thanks to Lisa and my amazing crew, I could not have finished the Badwater Ultra Marathon."

Darren WortsDarren Worts

"Lisa provided me with not only the skills and training to do it all, but the belief in myself that I can do anything I set my eyes on!"

Kira MatukaitisKira Matukaitis

"Nothing is exciting if you know what the outcome will be."

Ray ZahabRay Zahab

"Training with Lisa online is like training with Lisa living next door!"

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