Frequently Asked Questions

WILL YOU SERVE GATORADE AT YOUR AID STATIONS? No, the electrolyte replacement drink for all races is Hammer HEED – with most stations serving orange flavor and some serving Strawberry. Additionally, most full aid stations will have Coke, ginger-ale, Sprite and Mt Dew. Please note that due to logistics, some stations are self-sufficient will only have water  – these are listed clearly on the race maps and no volunteers or medical staff will be present at these stations.

DO I NEED TO CARRY A WATER BOTTLE OR HYDRATION SYSTEM?  Yes, every participant, and pacer, must carry a water bottle or hydration bladder for the entire event. While the aid stations are relatively close in distance, the steep and/or rolling terrain adds a lot of time to everyone’s per mile pace, and the entire course is above 6,700′. You will be able to fill your bottle or hydration bladder at each station, if you choose.

WHAT FOOD WILL BE AT THE AID STATIONS?  Not every station will stock all of the following, but you can expect to see some of the following at each of the fully staffed aid station: chips, fruit (oranges, bananas), pretzels, hard candy, candy bars, crackers, fig newtons, boiled potatoes, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, a small selection of Hammer gels… and later in the day some stations will have, chicken broth, soup, and hot water.

CAN I RUN WITH MUSIC / AN MP3 PLAYER? Yes, all runners are allowed to carry a personal music player with headphones, however, we ask that you keep the volume to a minimum so you are not startled if someone passes you or if someone needs to get your attention. The trails are open to the general public, including mountain bikers and horseback riders.  Additionally, wildlife can be present anywhere on the course and using earphone can reduce their focus on the your surroundings.

WHERE DO I LEAVE MY DROP BAG(S)? All runners are allowed to store one drop bag at the Base Area/Main Aid Station located at the Start/Finish Line.  All drop bags MUST be clearly labeled with the following: your name, race number, as well as BASE AID STATION. 50KM RUNNERS ONLY: Participants in the 50KM race can send one drop bag to the Teton Canyon Aid Station.  These bags can be left near the climbing wall just off the Plaza at Grand Targhee (and above the pool).  As above, these drop bags MUST be clearly labeled with the following: your name, race number, and TETON CANYON AID STATION

PACERS / CAN I HAVE A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER RUN SECTIONS OF THE COURSE WITH ME?  Pacers are only allowed for runners over 60 years of age. Due to our special use trail permit we are required to follow certain rules and regulations set out by the US Forest Service. Unfortunately, if everyone utilized a pacer we would be out of line with our permit, so we cannot allow unofficial runners on the course. Pacers assisting runners over age 60 must sign a waiver in order to be on the course. Waivers will be available on Saturday at the Main Aid Station. Thank you for your cooperation.

CAN I USE HIKING POLES ON THE COURSE? Not unless you are over 60 years of age or receive special permission, prior to the start of the race, from the Race Directors.

WILL THERE BE WILDLIFE ON THE COURSE? Most likely! The course is run completely in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, so you might see moose, cattle, marmots and perhaps a mountain lion or black or brown bear. With so many people on the trails, it is unlikely that you will encounter a bear or lion, but please be prepared if you do. We do strongly advise every competitor to carry bear/pepper spray and/or run with a bear bell while on the course. It can also be helpful to make as much noise as possible so as not to startle animals.

CAN I PICK-UP MY AWARD EARLY? Yes, if are due to receive an award and wish to depart Grand Targhee before the Awards Ceremony, please stop by the timing tent and ask a race official for assistance.

IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE AN EARLY START TIME?  Due to safety concerns we do not allow any early starts.