Race Rules & Regulations

Competitor Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to all participants of the Grand Teton Races and MUST be adhered to at all times during the event.  It is the responsibility or each competitor to read and understand all of the following before starting the race. All competitors are responsible for their actions, as well of their crews.  These rules have been established to protect the natural landscape, competitors, volunteers and other individuals using the trail system.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in: time penalties, immediate disqualification from the event or fines.  The Race Directors have the authority to alter and/or implement rules as needed before or during the event.  Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation and assistance.  Additional rules may follow.

1/ All runners MUST be registered with race management and MUST display their bib number on the front of their body so it is visible at all times.

2/ No Littering!  Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.  If you are caught littering and/or leaving debris of any kind on the trail, you will be immediately disqualified from the event and denied entry to any future Grand Teton Race.   We ask that you please respect the natural beauty of our trail system and the right of everyone to enjoy this section of National Forest.. It is important to remember, we are issued a permit to use the trails and your negligence will threaten this process…please don’t ruin it for everyone else.

3/ All runners (and pacers, when allowed) must stay on the marked trail.  Any competitor (or pacer) taking an alternate route from the official marked trail must return (on foot) to the point of trail departure before continuing.  So, please do not shortcut, blaze a new trail or cut the course.

4/ Hiking/ski poles or walking sticks are not permitted for any runner or pacer (exceptions will be made for competitors over age 60).  All competitors must complete the entire course for their designated race under their own power.  That is, carrying, pushing, pulling or towing a registered runner is strictly prohibited at all times.

5/ Each competitor MUST be checked IN and OUT of all full-service Aid Stations along the course.  It is the runner’s responsibility to check in and out of these Aid Stations by announcing their number.  All cut-off times will be strictly enforced*. Runners must be checked OUT of the Aid Station/checkpoint by the cut-off time.  (*Please note, cut-off times and/or the course may be altered slightly in the event of inclement weather.)

6/ Smoking is not allowed along the course or at the Aid Stations.

7/ Please use good sportsmanship and trail etiquette: be courteous to hikers, bikers, other runners and horsemen. Collisions on these narrow and sometimes steep trails could be disastrous. If you wish to pass another runner (or hiker), please ask for “trail right” or “trail left” before attempting to pass.  Slower runners MUST yield the trail to runners wishing to pass.  These are public use trails and horses may be spooked by the sudden appearance of a runner, with serious consequences to the rider. Stop and step off the trail to let oncoming horses pass. Runners should never pass a horse from behind without first notifying the rider; approach slowly and announce your intentions.  All competitors must treat the volunteers, aid station personnel and medical staff in a courteous manner.

8/ Pets are not allowed on the course or at the Grand Targhee Resort.  Please respect your fellow competitors and leave your pets at home, which is where ours will be.

9/ Injection of drugs (intravenous, intramuscular, subcutaneous) during the event may result in immediate disqualification.  Please, no alcohol on the course.

10/ Any runner who is unable to finish the Race must personally inform the aid station captain or medical volunteer at the nearest checkpoint of their decision to withdraw.  If provided with a wristband, this must be turned into a race official upon withdrawal from the race.  Please do not leave the course or Grand Targhee Resort area without first notifying a race official; search and rescue efforts are very expensive and you will be responsible for the costs related to all search and rescue missions.

11/ No crewing and/or pacing from moving vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles or ATVs!  All crew vehicles MUST be parked in designated areas and off of any main roadway so as not to interfere with traffic.  The use of automobile headlights for pacing or crewing is prohibited.  Crew vehicles are not permitted to stop along Ski Hill Road in non-designated parking areas.

12/ While on the course, All competitors MUST carry a water bottle or hydration bladder at all times.

13/ All times are based on a “gun time” start.  This means when the horn sounds to start a race, that starting time will used to determine the finishing times of participants in that race.

14/ Wildlife can be present on the course at any time.  It is suggested that every competitor carry pepper spray while on course, but at the very least noise should be made in order to not startle unsuspecting animals.

Infractions Resulting In Disqualification:

  • Failure to check-in with a race official prior to starting your race.
  • Short-cutting of the course
  • Failure to display bib number
  • Missing a checkpoint / Failing to check-in and out of a checkpoint
  • Getting in a moving vehicle
  • Failing to remain at a checkpoint for medical evaluation on request of checkpoint personnel
  • Failing to withdraw on request of race officials
  • Impeding another runner

Infractions Resulting In Denial Of Future Entry:

  • Running as a bandit
  • Pacing or crewing for a bandit runner
  • Having crew members take vehicles to areas designated as off limits
  • Disobeying Forest Service rules regarding disposal of human waste and/or mistreatment of the environment
  • Littering
  • Failing to respect private property
  • Mistreating aid station personnel, runners, medical staff, race officials or pacers

Crew / Pacer (allowed for runners over 60 years of age) Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations are in place for the safety of everyone involved with the Grand Teton Races.  We understand that crews are an important part of difficult trail runs, such as the Grand Teton Races, and have tried our best to make it easy on these individuals.  However, each crewmember and pacer needs to understand and follow these rules at ALL times during the event.  Please be sure to read these BEFORE assisting your runner on the course and keep in mind that the Race Directors may alter or add rules before and/or after the races commence.

1/ Ultimately, the registered runner is responsible for the actions of his or her crew and pacer(s).  Failure to follow the guidelines set forth here could result in the disqualification of your runner and refusal of entry to future Grand Teton Races.

2/ Please do not litter along the course or in the parking or aid station areas.  The entire race takes place in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest and we would like to do our best to keep it clean.

3/ Pets are not allowed on the course or at Grand Targhee Resort.

4/ Please park in designated areas.  Vehicles are not permitted park along Ski Hill Road, unless there is a designated parking areas.  Additionally, please be courteous to other runners and crews by not speeding or passing in unsafe areas.  Speeding will not be tolerated along the road, which will be monitored by the Teton County Sheriff’s Office.

5/ Please assist your runner at the designated Aid Stations or in an area close-by the parking areas.  Do not follow your runner down (or up) the trail or road; this will be considered ‘pacing’ and unless you are an official pacer for a competitor, over 60 years of age a time penalty could be issued.

6/ Please do not use the Aid Stations are your personal buffet.  The food at these locations is solely for registered runners and will be needed as the day goes on.

7/ Please let your runner obtain his/her drop bag from each Aid Station.  This will allow us to maintain organization at the Aid Stations and eliminate confusion among our volunteers.

8/ Crew members and pacers can assist with the “check-in/out” process by providing Aid Station personnel with bib numbers as their runners approach and/or exit the stations.

9/ If your runner is forced to withdraw from the event, please confirm that they have alerted an Aid Station captain or Medic (and turned in their bracelet, if issued for that race).

10/ Please do not crew or pace your runner from any moving vehicle…this includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, horses and ATVs.  Park in a designated parking area, or a space that is safe and allows traffic to pass by, before attempting to crew your runner.

11/ Do not use vehicle headlights to crew or pace your runner up Ski Hill Road.