Tin Cup Supplies

tincup_rgbwebsized_000 We are looking forward to the Tin Cup Challange races this Saturday, July 17. To help support all the Tin   Cup participants, from fun runners to marathoners, the Dreamchasers store is offering 10% off all store items on Friday, July 16.… Read More

One on One

Are you running out of energy or bonking during your long workouts? Do you feel like you are missing something in your nutrition?

Are you looking to start a fitness program? Do you want to take your fitness to the next level?Read More

Final 100

If you have been looking for a reason to….gtr-finish1

1. Run 100 miles

2. Visit the Tetons

3. Enjoy a race that has something for the whole family…..

Then this is the year to register for Grand Teton Races 100 miler.… Read More

Trail Time!

The valley is green.trail-runner1

No fresh snow to be seen.

Beautiful dirt under feet,

Wildflowers and forests to meet.

Rock, stream, and stump,

The summit is just over one more hump.

Join us at 6 pm every Wednesday

It’s to the trails and time to play!… Read More

Boot Camp- New Drill Sergeant in a Dress

Don’t let her sweet little flower print Nuu Mu dress fool you. Lisa is going to use the outdoors to work you out. Plan on leaping, bounding, walking, and running from one end of Driggs City Park to the other. But don’t worry, Lisa will make sure you are smiling, sweating, laughing, and cursing the whole time.… Read More