We are so pleased that Mike Ehredt has joined Dreamchasers!

Mike Ehredt brings over 34 years of experience in training and competition to Dreamchasers.  Those 34 years have taken him down numerous paths and sports.

Discovering cycling in his 20s he competed on the road for 12 years as a Category 2 cyclist in Florida and Illinois, qualifying for the National Time Trial Championships twice.  In 1996 he rode 474 miles in 24 hours raising over $12,000 for Muscular Dystrophy.  This in turn led him to a mountain biking stint and he would twice win the Illinois Championships for Veterans.

The desire to further expand his skills took him to Adventure Racing where he would compete in two Eco Challenges (Borneo and Fiji), finish New Zealand’s famed Southern Traverse and in 2004 finish Primal Quest in California.

Mike became a Race Director in the Midwest for 6 years, conducting the Great Mississippi River Adventure Series in Northern Illinois and sharing his knowledge with new racers through numerous one-day clinics.

The draw of water led him to downriver canoe racing and he would win a National Championship in Canoe Orienteering.

Throughout the years running played a fundamental part in his fitness and life.

From competing as a young soldier in Germany, winning the Army Cross Country Championships to years later discovering the joys of high mountain trail running in Colorado and Idaho, he has experienced many highs.  His legs have carried him to personal bests of 33:54 in the 10k to a 2:52 marathon and 7:24 for 50 miles.

In 2006 he completed a 250 mile Trans-Himalayan run in Nepal.  Twice he has finished in the top 150 at the Marathon des Sables and in 2008 he became one of only 34 people to ever finish the Rocky Mountain Slam which consists of Bighorn, Hardrock, Wasatch and the Bear 100 mile races.

In 2010 Mike will be running solo and unsupported across the States in honor of our fallen troops, a distance of over 4300 miles. (www.projectamericarun.com)

Mike is a certified personal trainer constantly seeking to gain more knowledge as he aspires to help others find their true potential through functional, realistic training methods and goals with truly achievable results.  He delivers a quiet, soothing approach and inspires others to dream big.


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  1. Wally Thrall

    Hi, Lisa,
    I don’t know if you remember me. I was at one of your core classes at 6AM a few weeks back, and you were there with Mike. I’m working with Mike on his Project America Run. I’m looking for your permission to use the bio you wrote for Mike, as posted on your website. It’s beautifully written, and way better than anything I could produce. I want to use it in developing some material for seeking sponsorships for his run. I may modify it, and can credit your website if you wish, but I will only use it with your express permission.

    I enjoyed the class, but had a sore arch in my right foot for several days afterward. I have flat feet, and weak ankles, and don’t go barefoot normally. On my second visit, I ended up tweaking a hamstring, but didn’t realize it until the 5th run on Targhee the next day, when it barked at me. I’m fine now, though back in VT, and hope to be able to resume with you when I get back. That is, if you do the classes in the summer.

    Thanks for your consideration on the bio.

    Wally Thrall

  2. CH Paul Lippstock

    Dear Veteran Mike,
    Hello! And God’s blessings to you from the State of Iowa!
    This January 2011 I have been asked by our TAG, BG Timothy Orr, to become our state’s next STATE CHAPLAIN! I humbly accepted.
    I have done two tours– one to the Sinai (03-04) & one with Corps in Iraq (06-08).
    I may also be going over to Afghanistan this Nov-Dec 2010,as yet 3000 Iowa Soldiers are now gearing up for a one-year deployment to Afghanistan.
    I just LOVE what you are doing! God bless YOU! And all our fallen troops!
    On the day-side of the house, I serve as a Catholic priest to the following areas of IOWA: Marquette High School in Bellevue (where we had the buggy-horse accident on 4th of July), St Joseph Parish in Preston, Sts Peter & Paul Parish in Springbrook, &, YES, ST PETER PARISH IN SABULA, where you be placing a flag on Tuesday, 17 August 2010!!!!!

    Our people in the four parishes, especially our veterans & our present day military personnel, would love to welcome you. We just need your suggestions!

    Please email me, or call me at the St Joseph Preston home/work number– 563-689-5161.

    I & our people will eagerly look forward to hearing from you!

    In Christ’s Love & Peace,
    CH (LTC-P) Paul Lippstock

    PS– I will be taking my 32nd group on a Canoe Retreat to the Canadian Boundary Waters this 1-11 August 2010. We will be praying for you in those pristine waters!