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I utilize my numerous athletic achievements and 20+ years of coaching experience to train athletes of all levels and abilities. Whether you’re training to walk your first 10k, run your first marathon or triathlon… or you’re an elite athlete attempting to win a 100 mile trail race, my on-line coaching programs are customized to help you achieve your individual goals.My bi-weekly workout schedules provide incredible variety and are designed around goals, personal life and work commitments. I listen to your desires and provide a plan that will help you reach your objective because my ultimate goal is to see you live your dream.

Before signing on with Lisa, please schedule (by email) a 30 minute phone consultation to review your coaching information, talk about goal’s and establish a great working relationship. The first phone consult of 30 min is free. Potential student will call Lisa. Please have a list of questions ready for the call.

If you are ready to sign up, please take the time to thoroughly complete the following Coaching Questionnaire…